Luxdium designs and builds the ultimate upgrade path for your lights. With a simple cluster swap, LUX Engine takes your aging AquaIllumination fixtures to new levels of spectrum and light output.

Lighting is a quintessential part of any ecosystem, but it should also be customizable without compromises. All clusters are based on a proven spectrum that’s been refined 14 times over 2 years of beta testing across 8 countries. We obsessed on the spectrum so you don’t have to. Just choose a cluster and build the light of your dreams.

Supports Prime HD, Hydra 26HD, Hydra 52HD

Limited Compatibility with Non-HD Models


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More Power Where it's Needed

With carefully chosen LEDs, LUX Engine clusters take lighting to a whole new level, delivering more of the wavelengths required by coral for coloration and growth, while surpassing the spectral output of traditional fluorescent and metal halide bulbs.

Spectral Science

LUX Engine clusters are backed by decades of leading peer-reviewed academic research on coral, and presets tuned by state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms trained on a variety of fluorescent and photosynthetic pigments. An industry first. LUX Engine high-energy bandwidths target photosystems that promote light-enhanced calcification and polyp extension, all while fueling coral endosymbionts. LUX Engine enables your coral to grow and glow.

Aligned with Nature

A majority of the energy coral need for growth comes from light. Within their tissues, coral have a mutualistic relationship with Symbiodinium, which provide coral with energy. Within Symbiodinium are a variety of photosynthetic pigments, of which Chlorophyll a is the most dominant. Our violet band is tuned to mirror the most absorbed spectral band of Chlorophyll a. By designing LUX Engine to target the most abundant pigments, our clusters efficiently drive photosynthesis.

Spectral Versatility

Coral can adapt to their environment. But instead of that, why not have a light that adapts to coral's needs? LUX Engine clusters aren't just limited to emitting a single spectrum and can be tuned to a variety of spectra without sacrificing much power.

Keeping it Cool

High power LEDs produce an incredible amount of heat. Studies show upwards of 60% of an LED's power is lost as heat!

Improvements to the design of the thermal substrate allow the boards to conduct heat faster, reach thermal equilibrium slower and cool down quicker than the stock LED modules that ship with the fixtures. Thereby relieving stress on the LEDs, and potentially extending their lifespan.

Our collaboration with the world’s best LED manufacturers enables us to customize the LEDs from the semiconductor level which brings the latest advancements in LED technology to your fixtures. These modules include high efficacy dies with flip-chip bonding which allow the diodes to run cooler while emitting a refined spectrum from a larger internal surface area. Pair this with a bespoke thermal substrate and you’ve got a light that runs cooler and potentially lasts longer.

Next Level Output

The all-new layout present with LUX Engine ensures that despite tuning for spectrum, the clusters will emit more useable light compared to the factory-installed clusters and even many newer lights. Previously, when fixtures were set to popular presets like BRS AB+, only a fraction of the fixture's power could be utilized to deliver the spectrum, effectively turning a 90W fixture into a 55W one. With LUX Engine, you have the power to put all your light's energy to a preset used by public aquariums and coral spawning facilities, worldwide.

Easy as 1 2 3

It doesn't take much to make the move to LUX Engine. It's about as simple as changing a lightbulb. Best of all, all existing features of your unit, including app and cloud controllability will continue to work. LUX Engine also comes with a preset gallery with spectrometer-verified presets to eliminate the guesswork of setting the right spectrum. Say goodbye to "slide and pray."

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  • Easier on the Wallet.

    High-end lights are expensive. But upgrading to some of the best spectrum offerings in the industry doesn’t mean you need a new fixture and mounting system. LUX Engine is up to 65% cheaper than a new light fixture.

  • Easier on the Environment.

    In just a year, importing from overseas via container ship emits the same amount of cancer-causing pollutants as 50 million cars. Since upgrading to LUX Engine only involves swapping the LED module of your light, by installing LUX Engine, there’s no need to build a new light fixture. To reduce emissions, these upgrades are made in the USA using solar energy. 

  • Built to Last.

    Careful attention to details and higher quality standards ensure LUX Engine pucks continue to deliver performance gains for years to come. Additionally, continuous upgrades to LUX Engine ensure that your LEDs will be up to date with the latest advancements in tech when they ship. We want your investment to last.

  • Built For You.

    The modularity of LUX Engine allows for unmatched customizability. Replacing the LED module in your light opens a world of upgrade options, whether you prefer a whiter light, a bluer one, something that’s easy to take photos under, or even something to grow macroalgae for nutrient export. A new light is just a puck swap away. No compromises.