Here is a collection of a few of the most frequently asked questions regarding LUX Engine. Should you have any additional questions, feel free to message us via the Contact Page in this site.

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What fixtures do LUX Engine support?

LUX Engine presently supports all Prime HDs, Hydra 26HDs, and Hydra 52HDs. Technically, Non-HD lights can also be upgraded, however their slow dimming and variations in power distribution makes it difficult to guarantee spectral output with our verified presets. Thus, we recommend installing these in HD lights. LUX Engine does not support recessed lens 16-multiple light fixtures (16HD, 32HD, and 64HD).

What's the app compatibility of the clusters?

LUX Engine can be controlled by the same controller interface you use to control your lights, so cloud controllability and myAI controllability remain unchanged.

However, LUX Engine use colors that never have been shipped with Primes and Hydras. As a result, the firmware on the devices and the user interface of the app have not been updated to account for the changes LUX Engine bring. To make it easier to control, a color mapping card will be provided with your install kit.

For the HD-enabled lights, we provide a preset gallery of spectrometer-verified settings to make spectral adjustments effortless. If you're still not sure of what settings to set, you can adjust all the sliders except the one that controls the white channel to max and adjust the whites to your visual preference. Doing so maximizes the performance of your light, while still making most of what LUX Engine has to offer.

Will this damage my light?

LUX Engine has been installed hundreds of times over the past two years, and we can resoundingly say that LUX Engine is safe to install.

While there’s always a risk, if you carefully follow the instructions and handle the electronics gently, there shouldn’t be any chance of this happening. In fact, the clusters are highly modular, so you can swap them out with ease! Just make sure to not touch the discrete LEDs themselves and ensure no dust or salt gets in-between the pucks, the metal plate and the lens. 

Can I use these clusters to replace my older burnt/water-damaged pucks?

Yes, provided you are certain that only the LEDs on the board are damaged and that the drivers and the rest of the electronics are ok. It is important to note that for best results, your light must be fully functional prior to cluster installation. Do not install LUX Engine under burnt or melting lenses.

Will LUX Engine melt lenses?

While LUX Engine conducts heat faster than the standard factory installed clusters, lens melt is strongly attributed to exposure of the optical surface to saltwater mist. To prevent lens melt, it is recommended to keep the lenses away from saltwater mist or saltwater splashes. Consider mounting higher, using a lid or an accessory to shield the lenses.

What's luxdium's warranty?

Luxdium offers a limited 2 year warranty for all luxdium-branded products. Full details of our warranty can be viewed at: luxdium limited warranty

We recommend retaining the original puck that shipped with your light fixtures so your tank won't be in the dark in the unlikely event that you need to send your upgraded clusters for service.

What's luxdium's return policy?

Returns will be accepted on a case-by-case basis. Luxdium will not accept the return of merchandise that is functional. Please contact us if you have any questions.