Luxdium releases LUX Engine

Luxdium releases LUX Engine

June 24, 2022

Fremont, California

Luxdium today introduced LUX Engine, an all new way to upgrade aging AquaIllumination light fixtures to the latest LED technology. Capping a two year beta program spanning eight countries. By swapping the LED modules installed in their fixtures, users have new ways of building the lights of their dreams. Being a simple plug and play install, LUX Engine requires no prior electronics experience and a typical install takes just 10 minutes to complete. Packing the latest LEDs in a modular cluster, LUX Engine builds on the legacy of existing Prime HDs, Hydra 26HDs, and 52HDs to bring them to new levels of light output. LUX Engine comes in Blue, Cyan, and Gold, color variants to enable unmatched customizability. Application specific LEDs were custom-binned to exacting standards to deliver best-in-class output and spectrum consistency. 

Each LED cluster also comes with exclusive spectrometer-verified presets to eliminate the “slide and pray” associated with conventional smart LED lighting. These presets are based on carefully optimized spectra, backed by decades of peer-reviewed academic research on coral photobiology. Even without presets, versions of LUX Engine natively output a popular spectral ratio utilized by coral propagation facilities worldwide. Just set the white balance, and LUX Engine takes care of the rest. 

LUX Engine will start at $86 per cluster, being up to 65% cheaper than upgrading to a new fixture. 



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